Buy a used mattress, how much is it worth?

Every day we are literally bombarded with news on the economic crisis, recovery, recession, unemployment, inflation and other important big words. All serve to describe the current situation, which certainly anyone who reads this article knows well. Let’s analyze a component of the current market, which also directly concerns mattresses: the used one.

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More and more people buy and sell second-hand products; including the used mattress. The prices are certainly advantageous but are the convenience real?

The second-hand economy:

More and more people are buying second-hand items, both to save money and to taste for the past. Vintage never goes out of fashion (even vintage-style beds, as we have already talked about in our other articles).

Abroad it has always been a present phenomenon; with flea markets and various auctions, it is experiencing a completely renewed popularity. It is perhaps also the targeted transmissions on dedicated channels. Its development has led to defining this Second Hand Economy market, focused on the sale of used items. If once it was not chic to buy or sell privately used products, today it is no longer the case.

Because used “we like”:

Buying used items is always cheaper than buying new goods. Often products such as cars, shoes or electronics, which have just been replaced by newer models, but which remain valid can be bought at half their original price, if not less.

Other reasons are the vintage taste of certain objects and the desire to reduce our environmental impact, fighting against the rampant consumerism and planned obsolescence. Even the furnishings and used mattresses are not exempt from this trend, which is why more and more people are found online who sell or buy a bed or a used mattress.

All this is driven, or rather determined, by 3 important factors, as the specialized sites explain: technology, economy and real value. The increasingly widespread use of mobile phones and computers increases the ability to connect to the network, increasing the number of people buying and/or selling used items on the net.

The second factor is the ubiquitous economic crisis, as almost 3/4 of those who buy used items do so to save money. The last factor is the real value of the goods. In fact, objects are often sold in excellent conditions, or at least advantageous, so that they can still be used for years.