Characteristics of the best mattress:

Everyone loves to buy mattress sale and so on our online store, you will find sale every day. If you are in search of the characteristics of the best mattress, let us check it out here.

1. Best mattresses price and quality:

The ratio between quality and price of the mattress is the sum of a few factors: the internal core, the supporting structure which must be of quality and breathable, of the right density in the case of latex memory and / or other polyurethane rubbers, or the spring which it must be elastic and load-bearing so as to support and soften in a welcoming manner. A poor mattress has the effect of shorter duration, i.e. premature deformation and excessive heat.

2. Mattresses to be comfortable with your back as they are made:

The best back mattresses are ergonomic. An ergonomic mattress is a mattress that allows you to take a comfortable and comfortable position. The mattress, and more generally the bed system, must be supported so as not to sink into and over the upper part respecting the natural lines of the body. The quality mattress maintains the same degree of lift for a long period, without giving way significantly.

3. The best and most ergonomic mattresses:

The advanced foam mattresses, such as memory or latex mattresses, and pocket spring mattresses, respect the shapes of the body but are different from each other. We must understand the differences to choose the mattress. The mattress, in general, must not be too rigid but supported as required.

Warning! Many sites suggest doing the “hand test” which consists of lying on the mattress passing the hand under the lumbar spine. According to this so-called empirical test in this way, we can see if the mattress is too rigid because if there is “light” between the back and the mattress it means that the mattress does not receive properly.

Unfortunately, however, the vertebral column is different from person to person and the “S” that it draws can be more or less accentuated until it disappears in cases of verticalization of the spine that requires a mattress with very specific characteristics. This is another trivial attempt to generalize the choice of the mattress by providing an adaptable tool for everyone. So we do not recommend the hand test under the back because it could even be misleading.