There is no need of taking any pills for the comfort of sleep.

People are not aware of the side effects that are very serious due to the pills that they are taking for sleeping comfortably. It is sure that people that are taking sleeping pills can satisfy their heart that they are having comfortable sleep but it is not right.  The survey has proved that people that are working for many good hours or people that are working overtime need to have rest and they try to take the help of the pills to have sleep. It is for the time being that people have comfort. It is not the right or natural sleep that they are getting the pills are the drugs used for relaxing the mind and let you fall asleep. Maximum people that are suffering from the problem of sleep deprivation are using pills to relax and to sleep. But it is also observed that people that are using pills to have sleep are also getting many serious side effects like diabetes, sweating in the night, back pain or neck pain.

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